Is this couple having sex in public?

A picture of a couple supposedly having sex in public has gone viral (Photo: Solomon Wallflower Facebook profile)

Update: The picture is real but the couple isn't having sex according to a Facebook post by The Real Singapore.

"TRS reader Teddi shared with us a more detailed photograph of the 2 foreigners 'dry-humping' in public at Clarke Quay. The whole process lasted around 30 mins and the crowd watching grew until almost 100 people..." wrote The Real Singapore.

Check out the picture below:


Original article:

Is a picture of a couple having sex in public?

Facebook user "Solomon Wallflower" posted this picture of a couple on the floor, in close contact with each other and in public view of everyone watching, claiming that the couple was having sex in front of an audience.

The picture — which has been "shared" nearly 580 times and "liked" by more than 400 people ever since its posting on 17 September 2013 — has Facebook users debating on whether the couple is indeed doing the horizontal tango.

The couple appears to be assuming the missionary position at Read Bridge, which connects Riverside Point and Clarke Quay.

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