Crime of passion in Jurong

A woman is believed to have been brutally murdered and had her eyeballs gouged out by her boyfriend.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, Elsie Lie, 24, was found dead at about 7am last Saturday morning (31 March) in a five-room flat on the 14th floor of Blk 633, Jurong West Street 65.

Her boyfriend, Gabriel Lee (38, unemployed), was charged in court this morning (2 April) for her murder.

The ill-fated couple is believed to have begun their relationship on 7 May, 2011 when Elsie announced on her Facebook page that she was in a relationship with Gabriel.

Gabriel, a married man with two children, was in the midst of divorce proceedings.

His complicated status did not deter Elsie from deciding to move out to live with him in a rented flat in January this year.

But their relationship did not go well and Elsie had supposedly stopped returning to the flat for the past two months. It is believed that Gabriel suspected that she was two-timing him, as she had also not been returning to her family home.

Things took a turn for the better when Elsie returned to the flat last week and even told a neighbour on Thursday (29 March) that she was engaged and getting married soon, according to The New Paper.

But things went downhill again on Friday night, when other tenants in the flat heard the couple fighting.

Police were even called in to calm the situation at about 1am on Saturday morning.

But the couple started fighting again just half-an-hour later, when tenants told The Straits Times that moans and groans were heard from the room.

Elsie's murder is believed to have taken place on Saturday morning before 6.42am, and she may have been tortured prior to her death.

She was eventually discovered at about 7am, covered with numerous knife wounds and lying on a blood-soaked mattress.

Her eyeballs are believed to have been gorged out and thrown out of the flat.

Police found parts of her remains on the grass patch beneath her flat, including her eyeballs, pieces of flesh and a clump of her hair.

The murder weapon has yet to be found.

Her boyfriend Gabriel Lee faces the death penalty for the murder charge and has been remanded to the Changi Medical Complex at Changi Prison for psychiatric assessment.

The case will go to court on 5 April.

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