Hookers soliciting at Orchard Road hotel?

A netizen is shocked to see 'so many' foreign women soliciting at a hotel along Orchard Road.

Netizen 'Allan' wrote to the Stomp website to describe what he saw.

He had gone to Concorde Hotel, located near the Istana, for a wedding dinner recently and was shocked to see many 'sexy ladies' calling out to passersby at the second floor mall.

Furthermore, He noticed many people brazenly smoking in the air-conditioned mall, which is lined with bars.

He could see that the women were not local and felt that what they were doing projected a bad image of Singapore as there were many hotel guests passing the area.

Another netizen added that besides Concorde Hotel, many such foreign women have also been working the areas near pubs in Boat Quay and Maxwell Road to solicit for 'business'.

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