Man puts pubic hair in curry to avoid payment

Lamb bhuna is a north Indian meat dish with a spicy, thick sauce. Indian food is hugely popular in the UK. Picture for illustration purposes only (Photo: iStock)

A 40-year-old man in the UK tried to get out of paying his restaurant bill by sprinkling his pubic hair into his food at an Indian restaurant.

The incident, which took place last November in Middlesbrough, landed him in jail after he was found guilty of fraud by false representation, UK media reported this week.

Lee Tyers waited until after he ate his meal before telling a staff member at Jamal's Indian restaurant that he found pubic hair in his lamb bhuna (a curry dish).

Jamal Chowdhury, the restaurant owner, explained to Tyers that all the employees had black hair and the ones in his food were brown in colour, Sky News reported.

"He had eaten everything but then on the side of the plate there was some brown hair,” Chowdhury said in a BBC report.

“It was separate and not mixed into the food,” he added.

When police examined footage from a closed-circuit TV, Tyer was seen putting his hands down the front of his trousers before complaining to the restaurant.

Tyers was jailed two weeks and told to pay compensation for the food bill of £39.55 (S$74).

Lee Tyers, who was jailed for trying to con a free meal from Jamal’s Indian restaurant, was reportedly a regular customer who owed past bills (Photo: Jamals Indian Restaurant Facebook page)

Chowdhury told the court that Tyers had been a customer for around 18 years and already owed the eatery £110 for previous unpaid meals.

He reportedly told Tyers on 10 November that he would ignore the debt so long as he paid for that evening's meal.

Tyers assured the owner he had the cash to pay, before he and a friend ordered two lamb bhunas along with pilau rice, naan bread, drinks, a chapati and a shish kebab.

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