Nurse burnt by unknown liquid on MRT seat: Man arrested

Police have arrested a 52-year-old suspect in connection with the case of the nurse who suffered burns after travelling on an MRT train.

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In a statement issued to the media, police said the man “is believed to be responsible for a case of negligent act causing hurt involving unknown substances, on board an MRT train on the North-South Line on 2 May 2013”.

Officers from the Jurong Police Division recovered images of the suspect from surveillance camera footage and after determining his whereabouts, the police detained the man on Sunday, 5 May at about 10.20pm.

Investigations against the suspect are still ongoing.

SMRT said in a media statement that it is still in contact with the nurse to ensure that she is recovering well and it is also helping police fully with investigations.

Kalai Natarajan, vice president of corporate marketing and communications at SMRT, said: “While we wait on the outcome of the police's investigations of the incident, we continue to be vigilant in keeping a lookout for our passengers’ safety, and advise passengers who feel unwell onboard our trains to seek help immediately by using the emergency communication button, or by approaching our staff members at our stations and Passenger Service Centres.

“We also urge passengers to immediately alert our staff members to any suspicious substances or objects spotted on our trains, and to stay away from it until help arrives.”

As part of its existing safety and security protocols, SMRT train drivers “do a security sweep” of the train at the start of every trip at the depot and at interchanges.

Security and station personnel also conduct regular rounds of checks at stations throughout the day.

“We have been stepping up these checks more rigorously following the incident,” Natarajan said.

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