Police note video that shows driver blocking an ambulance

A video of a car driver refusing to give way, despite an ambulance’s persistent signals, has sparked outrage online.

A handful of Facebook users even posted the video on the Singapore Police Force Facebook page, calling for the authorities to intervene.

Speaking to inSing News, the police thank the public for highlighting the incident to them.

They have now referred the case to the department concerned, a spokesperson said.

The video titled 'SJL9216D refused to give way to an ambulance' was first uploaded on 15 March and has so far attracted more than 59,000 views.

Online commentators on YouTube have criticised the car driver as being “inhuman”, “irresponsible” and “selfish”, with one “Jason Chan” saying that what happened was “deplorable and inexcusable”.


The footage shows the ambulance with its red lights flashing behind a blue Honda, but after not getting a response from the driver, the ambulance proceeds to blare its siren to no avail.

Both vehicles are on the right lane of the Central Expressway.

After nearly two minutes and 40 seconds, the ambulance is forced to veer left and take the centre lane. Once alongside the car, the ambulance driver starts gesturing at the Honda’s driver before speeding off.

“zeHuggable”, who posted the video in YouTube, wrote in the comments section: “The heartless driver of this blue Honda (SJL9216D) simply refused to give way to an ambulance, despite the persistent sirens, lights and high beams. The ambulance had to force its way through on the left eventually”.


People commenting online have expressed outrage, with some saying that it is common sense to move away for ambulances on emergency.

One comment by “6157mt” called for the driver to be sent for a driving test again before being allowed to drive on the road.

“Eileen Sim” wrote after viewing the video: “If the patient in the ambulance dies because this Honda driver refuses to give way, is he going to pay for the person's life?”

“Khairul Nizam” sent the reminder: “People don't forget, it might be your loved one in that ambulance.”

“ChanPeew Wan” asked on the YouTube site: “Isn't that breaching the highway code and an offence? Let alone a civil act of compassion in an emergency!”

Another online user “garytylaw” even did a check on the police’s Electronic Driver Data Information & Enquiry System, and found out that the licence plate number of the vehicle was linked to “another offence on 10-Feb-13”.

The post showed the result of the check: “Outstanding Traffic Offence(s) against vehicle SJL9216D… Your case is currently under review / investigation. You will be informed of the result in due course. Date of Offence: 10/02/2013. Amount (S$): 200.”


Police say that under road traffic rules, any emergency vehicle shall have the right of way over all other traffic when on urgent duty call, and all traffic should give way to such vehicles.

Motorists who fail to give way to these vehicles may be fined up to S$160 and given four demerit points.

If convicted in court, they can be fined up to S$1,000 or jailed up to three months.

Repeat offenders can be fined up to S$2,000 or jailed up to six months.

Offenders may also be disqualified from driving depending on the severity of the incident.

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