Preserving our hawker heritage

Zhu Chuan Bak Kut Teh occupies a nook at the Chinatown Complex Food Centre on Smith Street. Regular patrons will instantly recognise newspaper cuttings of the stall and its owners plastered at the stall front, and the hint of garlic, star anise and white pepper pork stock permeating the air (Photo: Shawn Danker)

While many may enjoy cheap hawker food, not many are willing to become a hawker.

In an increasingly affluent society, becoming a hawker in Singapore just does not live up to what many may deem as an ideal career. Yet, to sustain this unique heritage, there needs to be people who are willing to take up the baton of becoming one.

Here at inSing, we bring you commentaries from a hawker who wants to make a difference, and also a feature of those who have stood up to be counted.

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