Psy's not horsing around, he's rocking New York, Gangnam Style

The Big Apple has seen many music genres taking root in its diverse garden of arts and culture.

It’s the birthplace of US punk rock with The Ramones and their three-chord buzzsaw guitar sounds leading the style across the States. Hip Hop as we know it today wouldn’t exist without the original block parties in the underground ‘hoods in the city.

But now New Yorkers are horsing around with a new style - Gangnam Style.

If you, for some strange reason, do not know what is Gangnam Style, click here.

South Korean rapper Jae-Sang Park also known as Psy rocked the Rockefella Plaza hard on Friday with his LIVE performance of the viral breakout hit on NBC’s "Today" show which was televised nationwide.

In fact, the response was so spectacular (some fans had arrived at the venue a day in advance to queue for passes) the 34-year-old star has become the first person in history to perform a song twice on the morning programme, according to Billboard magazine ( video below: first peformance, video above: encore performance).

The rapper, whose video is still clocking millions of views on YouTube, has been garnering heaps of prominent publicity in the US lately.

Among his many recent media appearances in the States was his apperance on "The Ellen Show" to teach Britney Spears how to pull off his signature moves (see video below). His advice for others who want to emulate the Gangnam Style : "Dress classy, dance cheesy".



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