ASEAN scholar and partner take sex blog offline

UPDATE: NUS issues statement

The National University of Singapore (NUS) has "served a notice of Board of Discipline inquiry" to the law undergraduate whose sex blog made headlines in newspapers and online forums here.

A spokesperson from the university said in a statement sent late Tuesday night that the board "will look into the matter and take appropriate disciplinary actions".
Alvin Tan Jye Yee, an ASEAN scholar studying law at NUS, and his sex partner Vivian Lee had posed and preened for photos naked and uploaded close-up shots of their private parts to their blog, labelling the images as “art” on the site.

In a vulgar display of what young bodies and minds can do, the couple in their early 20s from Malaysia showed off their sex acts online. Many of the images and videos the couple had shared on their blog were obscene and distasteful, such as a photo of a soiled, bloody sanitary pad in response to someone who asked if they have sex when Lee is having her period.

There were also YouTube clips of them play-acting rape and having sex in public places.

On the blog, the couple had written to say: “We love posting our sex life on the web for everyone to enjoy, and we upload only our self-made content.”

Sex blogs are nothing new on the internet, but the identities of the subjects are usually not openly publicised, unlike Tan and Lee.

One Facebook user “Sean Lai Guoxian” commented that it was “so gross, so amateur”.

NUS said in its statement: "All NUS students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner and should not be associated with offensive behaviour. Any student found in breach of the University’s Code of Student Conduct will be disciplined."

It added that Tan is now on leave of absence, and is not receiving scholarship funds. It has "advised" Tan to take down the offensive posts.

"NUS adopts a rigorous process in the selection of scholarship recipients and scholars are selected based on their academic achievements and personal accomplishments. The University takes a serious view of the conduct of the student concerned. However, this is not a reflection of all our scholars, most of whom are accomplished students making a meaningful contribution to the NUS community."

Shortly after lunch on Tuesday – before the NUS statement was released – the blog already had its access blocked, with a pop-up message saying “This blog has been deleted”.

(Photo: Screengrab from blog)

The couple are now reportedly in Malaysia, and online sites have shown that Tan is involved with business start-ups.

Earlier on Tuesday morning, Lee – who is from Johor Baru and lives in Malacca, as stated in her Facebook profile – posted a message saying one of the things she learnt is not to care “how people perceive you or what people think of you”. “Stay who you are and don't let anyone change you just because you expressed yourself differently from them,” she wrote.

On his Facebook profile, Tan wrote in April this year a note titled ‘8 Reasons that Living in Malaysia Beats Living in Singapore’.

In January, he also gave his views on the opposite sex. He wrote: “Girls are good for a myriad of things: company, fun/laughter, emotional fulfilment, sex/intimacy, and sometimes intellectual and monetary benefits. Generally, a guy who can attract girls is considered more successful or desirable than one who cannot… I, like many guys, want to be perceived as successful and/or desirable in the romance department… All the cool guys had girlfriends to brag about, so having one must be an advantage, not a disadvantage.”

He added that he felt “validated” after he found that he was able to attract the opposite sex.

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