Are you sexier after a few drinks? Not likely, survey says

In a new British survey, a third of men said they were more attractive to women after a few drinks, but women didn't agree.

Last week, Cancer Research UK released the results of a survey of 4,000 heterosexual adults, finding that only 13 per cent of women found their partner more appealing after a drink.

However 42 per cent said that seeing their partner drunk was a turn-off. 

One in five men said they were better lovers after a night out drinking, while 43 per cent said they were funnier after a few drinks.

Meanwhile, 42 per cent of women said their partner wasn't better between the sheets after drinking and 30 per cent said their partner wasn't funnier either. 

Cancer Research UK is launching a fundraising campaign called Dryathlon in January, when people can raise money to fight cancer by laying off booze for one month. 

A separate study published in April in the journal 'Addiction' does, however, support the beer goggle effect.

After a few drinks, both men and women rated people more attractive in that alcohol hindered the ability to judge whether or not a face was symmetrical.

Previous studies have shown that facial symmetry is a factor in judging attractiveness.

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