Singapore Tourism Board responds to criticism over promotional video

A video by the Singapore Tourism Board was ridiculed and has been removed from its YouTube channel and Facebook page (Photo: / Screen grab)

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has responded to the criticism over one of its promotional videos that was uploaded on its YouTube channel on 26 March 2014.

The video, which was badly received by YouTube viewers, was taken down because it was “not resonating well with audiences”, STB’s executive director for communications and industry marketing Oliver Chong said a statement to the media.

The three-minute advertisement by STB, titled ‘See where the world is heading’, featured a couple on a romantic weekend getaway in Singapore. It was intended to promote tourism to Singapore in the Philippines.

The video received flak for its casting and script, and parodies of the video have since appeared online.

STB said in a statement on 8 April that the “video was produced for the Philippines by Philippine network ABS-CBN, in an effort to customise content for this audience”, media and marketing site Mumbrella Asia reported.

The video was also well-received in the Philippines.

STB claims that on the Your Singapore Philippines Facebook page, the video had received more than 3,400 “likes” in the first week, and had around 900 comments that were “largely positive”.

However, the Facebook post containing the video was taken down at the start of this week.

STB said in its statement: “Nevertheless, we thank readers for their feedback on the video and acknowledge that some aspects of it could have been done better.”

It is inviting the public to contribute ideas on how to better “showcase the Singapore we love to the rest of the world”.

STB told media site that it found some of the responses and spoofs of the video to be “creative and clever”.



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