Strict rules to follow to be a ‘Singapore Girl’

International news media CNN just posted a three-minute video on how Singapore Airlines (SIA) transforms young women into the iconic “Singapore Girl”.

It is not enough to be a young and attractive woman able to fit into a tight, body-hugging kebaya (traditional Malay dress) and to have a “caring, warm, gentle, elegant and serene” image.

Here are some of the specific rules and regulations that potential flight stewardesses have to follow in their 15-week training programme:

- No curly hair.

- The curled part of a stewardesses’ eyelash must not exceed 1cm.

- Long hair, coiled into a bun, must not exceed 6.5 to 7cm across.

- Knees have to be brushed against each other while walking and no “duck-like” gait

Isn’t it old-fashioned and sexist, and pandering to a certain clientele?

Not really, says one SIA staff member who was interviewed in the video.

He says: “…we have a very diverse group of customers, so it is not like a certain age or certain sex who choose to fly with SIA.

“So there is a certain appeal as to the warmth, the care, this epitome of Asian warmth and hospitality that appeals to a lot of different customers…..that still rings true today as well.”

What do you, the reader, think of the image of the Singapore Girl in today’s context? Is it outdated or does the brand icon resonate deeply with you? 

Watch the video below:

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