Teacher fined for stealing cash, phone in school

A 22-year-old teacher has been fined S$6,000 for stealing at the secondary school where she works.

Channel NewsAsia reported that Feng Tiantian stole S$719 in cash and an iPhone 4S from seven different people.

The thefts took place between March and August 2012 at Woodgrove Secondary School.

Feng, who is from China, has been teaching Chinese language at the school in Woodlands.

The court heard that she would feign feeling unwell in order to skip the school assembly in the morning when everyone would be gathered there.

During this time, she would go to the teacher’s lounge to steal.

Feng was chosen to take part in a joint programme by China's and Singapore’s education ministries, where talented young teachers from China are posted to secondary schools in Singapore for a year.

Her lawyer said that she was very enthusiastic about the exchange programme at first, but then found it hard to adjust to life in Singapore, Channel NewsAsia reported.

The district judge took note of the calculative manner in which the crime was committed, stressing that Feng was a teacher.

Jail term was ruled out as she admitted to the theft early and had returned all items and money to those from whom she stole.

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