Woman teacher in top school has sex with 15-year-old boy

She is married with two children and was a teacher at one of the top schools in Singapore.

Yesterday, her world came crumbling down as she pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual offences with one of her 15-year-old male students , reported Channel NewsAsia (CNA). Seven other similar counts were taken into consideration by the court.

According to the CNA report, Deputy Public Prosecutor Sharmila Sripathy Shanaz said the teacher had “destroyed the fundamental feeling of safety and protection that teachers must provide”.

Court documents showed the woman and the boy had attended an overseas student leader camp in 2011. The boy suffered a mishap due to a boating accident and started confiding in his teacher. Soon, the pair started dating.

DPP Shanaz said the teacher had “actively pursued” the student and had given him presents and love notes.

In December 2011, the teacher took the boy to her home and performed oral sex on him – with his consent. In January 2012, she had sex with him in her house. The boy, who was a virgin at the time of the incident, had given his consent.

DPP Shanaz also highlighted other incidents of sexual activities that had taken place within a two-month period.

The woman’s lawyer said she did not intend to corrupt the boy or act as a predator.

Both the teacher and student cannot be identified due to a court-issued gag order.

The teacher will be sentenced on  29 October. She faces up to 10 years in jail and various fines.

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